Student Safety

Student Safety

Parents often ask about various issues concerning student safety. Here are some often-discussed topics:

Bullying and Threats

Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated! Mrs. McInerney and Patterson Road teachers are firm and direct in handling bullying, threats, intimidation, and/or verbal harassment, and are very careful to involve parents and apply consequences as appropriate. We often remind students of the importance of letting parents, teachers, the principal, and/or other trusted adults know about any ongoing problems with threats or harassment. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers and/or Mrs. McInerney if students let them know of a problem. If adults are unaware of problems, they are powerless to stop them!

Emergency Drills

Each month, the school conducts a fire drill. Additionally, we conduct regular disaster drills. A disaster drill is a duck-and-cover drill that prepares students for earthquakes, explosions, or other potential disasters. The school also conducts a drill designed to prepare for a dangerous intruder on campus.

Adults on Campus

ALL visitors, including parents, must check in at the office and receive a visitors’ badge. Visitors are not allowed to go directly to classrooms without checking in at the office.

The Orcutt School District has implemented a Volunteer Screening Program. Any adult who will be regularly working with students at school is required to register in the office as a regular school volunteer. His/her name will be checked against the Megan’s Law Registry. Personalized volunteer badges will be checked out to accepted volunteers.

Bicycle/Scooter Safety

Students in grades 3-6 who wish to ride a bicycle or a scooter to school are permitted to do so. For your child’s safety, please be sure that he/she understands the following rules:
1. All students must wear bike helmets.
2. Bicycles/scooters must be walked on the school campus.
3. Bicycles/scooters must be parked in the racks and must be locked.
4. Every bike/scooter must have its own individual lock.
5. All students riding bikes/scooters must abide by California laws.

Skateboards and Skates

Students are not allowed to ride skateboards, waveboards, skates, or “shoe skates” with wheels in (“heelys”) to school. Students may take the wheels out of their “heelys” while on campus.

The Orcutt Union School District does not discriminate against individuals based on actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation. Compliance Officer: Susan Salucci, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources/Discrimination/Equity & Title lX Compliance Officer, 500 Dyer Street, Orcutt, CA 93455, Email:, Phone: 805-938-8909. See district policies at