Parking Lot Pick Up and Drop Off Rules

Parking Lot/Pick Up & Drop Off Rules

We have many, many families driving into our front parking lot each day, and it takes nothing less than a team effort by both parents and staff to maintain the parking lot as a safe, orderly place for dropping off and picking up students. In the past several years, the staff has developed some guidelines for parents that have promoted both safety and a good flow of traffic:

1. First, we encourage you to avoid the parking lot altogether! Since our buses use the parking lot to pick up and drop off students, it quickly becomes congested. We suggest that parents park along Patterson Road and have their children walk to the car. Having a special drop off/meeting place just a half block away from school is even better. You can avoid much traffic!

2. All parents of first through sixth grade students are asked to say their “good-byes” before school and wait for students after school at the front of the school. It is distracting for students if they can see parents waiting outside their classrooms. Kindergarten parents are asked to wait for children outside the kindergarten playground gate in the grass area.

3. If you do choose to use the parking lot, please pull as far forward as possible in the loading zone. This allows others to pull in behind you. Do not leave your car unattended in the loading zone, even for a few minutes.

4. Students are not to cross the parking lot outside of the crosswalk by themselves.

5. After school, all students should be picked up no later than 2:15 p.m. School personnel are able to supervise children waiting for rides only until 2:15 p.m.

6. Only those drivers with valid certification by the Department of Motor Vehicles may park in the marked handicapped parking spaces.

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