School Rules

School Rules

Student safety is the first consideration for everyone. Also, students at Patterson Road School are expected to always show respect and consideration for fellow students and adults. They must also respect property, buildings and school grounds.* (*Rules are subject to change as needed.)

1. Once on the school grounds, children may not leave campus without authorization from the office.

2. Students may not be on the school playground until after 7:45 a.m. Students may arrive at 7:30 if they are going to purchase breakfast in the cafeteria. Students not eating breakfast may arrive at 7:45 a.m. At that time, the bell rings and the playground is supervised. Students attending our Campus Connection Child Care Program may go to the cafeteria beginning at 6:30 a.m.

3. At dismissal, students should not loiter on campus. Bus students should go to the bus, Campus Connection Child Care Program students should proceed directly to their facility, and participants in after school programs should go to the appropriate location. Students who walk home with parents are to meet parents at the front of the school. Parents are asked to wait for their children at the front of school. (It is very disruptive to classes to have parents outside of classrooms waiting.) Students who are driven to and from school are to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after dismissal.

4. Crosswalks must be used to cross streets adjacent to the school.

5. Students may not cross the drive-through lanes of the parking lot unless accompanied by an adult. Students and parents may not walk between buses in the bus loading zone. Crosswalks need to be used to cross safely.

6. Students are not allowed in classrooms without adult supervision.

7. Students should always walk in the corridors on campus.

8. Students should dress appropriately for school.
● Bare-midriff tops, excessively baggy clothes, long belts or chains, and tank tops/spaghetti strap tops are not allowed at school. Underwear garments need to be covered at all times.
● Straps must be at least two inches (width of three adult fingers) across the top of shoulders. Shorts, skirts and dresses need to be as long as or longer than fingertips when arms are resting at the side of the body.
● Girls are encouraged to wear shorts or tights under skirts and dresses so that they feel comfortable participating in all activities.
● Students must wear shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for PE activities every day. All sandals/shoes must have backs.
● Hats are permitted for protection from the sun and may only be worn outside in an appropriate manner. Baseball-type hats must have bills facing directly forward.
● Pictures and wording on clothing need to be appropriate for school. Weapons, violence, or other inappropriate images are not allowed. Wording must be appropriate for school. (A good indicator is, “Is what is written on your shirt something that would be appropriate to say to your teacher?” Also, does what is written on your shirt have an inappropriate double meaning?)

9. Temporary hair dye is not allowed at school.

10. Gum is not allowed at school.

11. Students are invited to bring a nutritious snack (i.e. fruit, pretzels, yogurt, raw vegetables, juice,
graham crackers, etc.) to school each day to eat at the midmorning recess.

12. Written invitations for non-school events (such as birthday parties) are not to be distributed at
school unless the entire class is invited.

13. The following are not permissible at Patterson Road School:
a. Bad language
b. Verbal or physical harassment
c. Fighting
d. Play-fighting or wrestling
e. Spitting
f. Biting
g. Throwing rocks, dirt, or other objects
h. Playing in or near restrooms
i. Climbing on trees, roofs, fences, etc.
j. Skates, shoe skates (without the wheels removed), skateboards, waveboards
k. Make-up including lip gloss (Lip balm such as Chapstick is allowed for chapped lips.)
l. Weapons or other dangerous objects
m. Littering

14. Students are strongly advised to leave electronic toys and music devices (such as Gameboys, CD
players, iPods, MP3 Players, etc.) at home. They may not be used on campus during the school
day. Any device brought to school must be turned off and placed out of view during the school
day. The only exceptions are for students who are using them with permission from their teacher
and/or during child care under Campus Connection guidelines or with the specific permission of
teachers for specific time periods. Students who bring such devices to school are doing so at their
own risk. We will not be investigating missing electronic items. Inappropriate use of electronic
devices will result in the student not being allowed to bring the devices to school.

15. Cell phones are allowed on campus at your own risk. We will not be investigating missing cell
phones. They must be turned off and be out of sight when on campus. If students must make a
call after school to finalize transportation home plans, they may go to the waiting area at the front
of the school to make the call. Students may not use a cell phone camera (or any camera) at
school. Inappropriate use of cell phones at school will result in the student not being allowed to
have a cell phone at school.

16. Students are expected to follow school rules on school buses and field trips. Students transported
to and/or from school on a school bus will be under the authority of, and responsible directly to the
driver of the bus. Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of
the driver will be sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation.

17. And finally, It is recommended that students not bring any items of value to school.


The Orcutt Union School District does not discriminate against individuals based on actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation. Compliance Officer: Susan Salucci, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources/Discrimination/Equity & Title lX Compliance Officer, 500 Dyer Street, Orcutt, CA 93455, Email:, Phone: 805-938-8909. See district policies at